Hi, I'm Kyle!
(And this is Teddy.)

Growing up, my father was a geology professor and I was attending "rock shows" with both of my parents from the time I could walk and talk. I grew up with a love for learning the properties of each mineral, rockhounding, and cultivating my own collection. My passion for unique, ethically-sourced stones and their amazing metaphysical qualities is one family tradition I cherish!

In 2019, my father had to unexpectedly exit his small crystal and mineral sales business in order to care for my mom's illness full-time. With the encouragement of dear friends, I jumped in and took over ownership of our beloved family business.

My mission remains the same as Dad's: to bring self-collected, self-selected, and treasured gems to you at a reasonable price. This is my passion and I am constantly in search of special pieces to fill your home and delight your heart. 


Wild Heart Stones has been featured in Redfin